Reduce your energy bills dramatically with  internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation is more commonly known as solid wall insulation and it’s an effective way of keeping heat from escaping through the walls, especially if your home is not suitable for cavity fill.

This type of insulation is usually recommended for homes that do not have a cavity and are solid wall constructed.

One-third of heat loss is through the walls of your home

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), around one-third of heat loss from most homes is through the walls.  Taking a fabric first approach to energy efficiency is recommended, and having insulation installed to your home, including internal wall insulation, will dramatically reduce this heat loss.

With the energy price cap on the increase and generally the cost of living going up, saving money is at the top of most people’s agenda – making every penny count.

Whether your motivation is improving the energy performance of your home ready to sell it, to keep warm in the colder months or to save money on those rising energy bills – internal wall insulation is a great solution.


How will loft & Floor insulation help keep heating costs down.

Loft & Floor insulation reduces heat loss through your roof and floor, increasing your home’s thermal efficiency. This means:

  • The heat you generate won’t just disappear the second you turn your radiators or heaters off

  • You will save money on energy bills

  • You’ll reduce your household’s carbon footprint

  • You’ll benefit from a warmer home and a better standard of living

Zero VAT rated

Some or maybe all of your requirements could be Zero rated VAT.  If the project you have in mind meets the requirements then both labour and materials could be Zero rated VAT.

Energy-saving materials and heating equipment (VAT Notice 708/6)

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